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1/ How Can I Support You?
2/ About Me
3/ Areas of Counselling I Can Support?
4/ Areas of Specialism
5/ Professional & Additional Training
6/ Affiliations

1/ How can I support you?

I am an experienced Integrative Counsellor, with over 15 years experience working in supporting individuals and couples go on to lead more fulfilling lives.
I have a core belief that we all deserve to be happy, lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and that we have the ability to do so with support, motivation and circumstances favouring this... though at times it may be hard to see this.

I believe that we can all benefit from some professional, external support at some stage in our lives to invest in our own development. We may have friends and/or family who generally fulfil this role but may need something more at times.

Some presenting issues may need short term support and some longer term work. I have over 15 years of experience with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach in particular which moreso addresses changing current behaviours, feelings and thoughts to reach desired outcomes. I can work with brief and longer term solution-focused brief therapy and motivational interviewing. If you find that old or reoccurring behaviours, situations or memories are a problem these can be more deep rooted, influencing your feelings , thoughts and behaviours and how you interact with the world around you now... often unconscious. These may take longer to identify, understand, and work through. I personally find that when we explore the origins of these behaviours, feelings and thoughts - the "why" did I do, think or feel in this way can set a stronger foundation for future conscious choices.

I will also use Humanistic & Psychodynamic approaches including Person- centred counselling, , Gestalt therapy, Transactional Analysis, more or less depending on our discussions and a greater understanding and connection to your needs through our therapeutic relationship.

As we are all unique individuals, the approaches used will vary for all. Therefore, counselling experience will depend on your therapeutic journey expectations, the time you want to spend in therapy, and how deep you would like to explore ... all approaches being successful in meeting your initial expectations of engaging in counselling.

I am very culturally and spiritually aware and can draw upon this for a holistic counselling experience.

This may feel challenging at times and I will always maintain an honest working relationship with you and encourage you to do so with yourself. Counselling does evoke a range of different emotions at times through this experience. I will support you through these in a safe, respectful, confidential and non judgemental space. I appreciate the effort and courage this process requires at times in this journey but believe, through my own experiences, that the rewards from understanding yourself and your situations are so worth this.

In all my years working I have always encouraged everyone to experience the therapeutic process as through my own experience, and that of numerous other individuals, I have seen how we can go own to lead more consciously rewarding and happier lives!

2/ About Me

My life experiences, academic development and work experience have lead me into private practice.

I studied a BSc Psychobiology degree at University in 1997. As this ended, I commenced my work in the field of substance misuse in 2002 in a Drugs and Alcohol community treatment centre. I commenced my Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at CPPD, London a year after. I have worked within the substance misuse field for the past 15 years in various roles.

In my last role I managed a borough-wide substance misuse treatment project which consisted of many teams including a counselling service, 1-2-1 and group work, parenting programme, clinical team, outreach service, women and men's specific work, family and carer's support, and criminal justice team (each with numerous specialist roles within). Through this platform I have a vast experience of working with a wide range of other underlying issues as many individuals who have presented for support were often using substances as a form of a coping mechanism or self medicating for more deep rooted issues.

I am very familiar with the spectrum of mental health work as I have frequently worked with directly, through my teams or in a multiagency capacity with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, psychosis, self esteem and hoarding providing dual diagnosis joint work.

Key work experience:

- Supporting all drugs and alcohol misuse including prescriptions drugs, injecting users and steroid users.
- Managing various teams in borough- wide service in Richmond- counselling, clinical, psychosocial (1-2-1 and groups), outreach, criminal justice.
- Start to end design, implementation and management of a Counselling Service with employed and volunteer counsellors offering 1-2-1 and group CBT counselling.
- Designing and implementing above services
- Mediation
- Close multiagency work with Police, Courts, Probation, Anti Social Behaviour teams, PPO (Priotity & Prolific Offenders) team, Social Services, NHS Mental Health & Clinical teams, local GPs, Domestic Violence services , Housing teams to name a few.
- Creating and delivering CBT recovery programmes, 1-2-1 session material, counselling groups, trainings and workshops.
- Providing bespoke internal and external training, workshops, presence at community events e.g. Police, schools, colleges etc
- Needle exchanges
- Working in HMP Wormwood Scrubs providing prison link work
- Criminal Justice related work in prisons, courts and police stations
- Working with PPOs (Priority & Prolific Offenders)
- Women's and men's groups
- Outreach work- based at a variety of locations locally
- Peer mentor and volunteer programmes
- Parenting programmes
- Safeguarding Adults & Children lead
- Health & Safety lead
- … and of course, working with clients directly holding a caseload

I am encouraged by my professional and actively keep developing my knowledge through a range of continued professional development platforms I access.

3/ Areas of Counselling I Can Support.

Abuse (financial, sexual, neglect, physical, mental, emotional)
Adult safeguarding
Alcohol misuse
Anger management
Bereavement and loss
Carer support
Child safeguarding
Couples work
Criminal justice related issues
Cultural issues
Domestic Violence
Dual diagnosis (mental health & using drugs/ alcohol combined)
Family issues & support
Housing issues
Low self- esteem and confidence
Mental health
Parenting support
Relationship issues
Self harm
Suicidal feelings, thoughts and ideation
Perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse
Pregnancy & birth
Sleeping problem
Self harm
Spiritual issues
Work- related issues

4/ Areas of Specialism

- Alcohol and Drug Misuse work.
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
- Criminal Justice - related work
- Dual Diagnosis work

5/ Professional & Additional Training

Professional training

2021 Intercultural Couples: Clinical Interventions For Working With Difference- Tavistock Relationships
2021 Know Thyself - The Value and Limits of Self Knowledge: The Unconscious- Online Certificate- University of Edinburgh
2020 Working with Couples and other Relationships (including polyamourous and non- romantic), The Grove Practice, London
2003- 2006 Post Graduate Advanced Diploma In Humanistic Integrative Counselling, CPPD
1997 -2002 Studied BSc Psychobiology , North London University

Additional Trainings

May 2019 CPCAB & BACP Diversity Symposium (incl. Neurodiversity & Experience of LGBT+ workshops)
October 2018 Anger & Creativity : The dynamics of aggression in intimate family relationships
2017 Data Protection & Information Security Awareness
Values, Behaviour & Cultures Workshop
Naloxone training
Medication in Recovery
Leadership and management training (part2)
Hoarding training
2016 Leadership & Management training (part 1)
Training for Disciplinary Chairs
2014 Care Quality Commission (CQC) training
2013 Foundations for Recovery Programme training
2012 ITEP mapping training
Strengths- based Assessment & Recovery Tools
2011 Management Learning Development Programme- Strategic & Open-minded Thinking
Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Influencing
Diversity, Courage & Personal Impact
Disciplinary & Grievance training
2010 Managing Safeguarding within Projects
2009 Management Development Programme
2006 Working with Survivors of Abuse- Understanding the abuser
2006 Working with Survivors of Abuse- Intimacy and sexuality
2005 Working with Survivors of Abuse- Rage and anger

6/ Affliations

BACP - British Association for Counselling & Pychotherapy

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Harley Therapy Platform

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Templewood Clinic, Iver

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Established in 1994 by Steven Butcher Templewood Clinic has been offering Osteopathy and a variety of other therapies to the local area. During the past 20 plus years they have gained a reputation for honest, friendly, high quality patient care. Please visit their web site for more information on the treatments and if you have an questions don't hesitate to call them.

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