Michelle Chand-Aubry MBACP Registered Member Counselling in Uxbridge, Iver & Ealing


"As a 30 something professional with a partner, extended family but no children, I had come to a crossroads in my life where I realised to move forward in positive, successful and happy way, I really needed to talk to someone and clear up some of my issues and mental problems, past negative life experiences, and find ways to see a better way of managing my life, the people around me, and to allow people to also care for me.
Michelle has simply helped me in a way no one has before. She has helped me express feelings and thoughts I have previously bottled up. Given me the insight into how I can understand and evaluate issues from my past and to given me the strength and motivation to reach out to people close to me for help and advice which I have never done so before.
I feel quite rebuilt and a more positive individual from my time with Michelle, and would recommend to anyone who is in need of just having someone to talk to and open up just as a start.
She is kind, honest, helpful, considerate, and insightful into the world and people around us."

May 2019

“Working with Michelle has helped me open up about thoughts, feelings, and ways of thinking about myself and the world which I had never had the courage to talk about before. She has supported me to look back on experiences from my past in a new way, and to understand how these experiences influence the way I think and behave as an adult. She has also encouraged me to reach out to those around me for support, something which I always struggled to do effectively in the past.

I felt very lost and overwhelmed when I walked into my first session with Michelle, but she met me with compassion, kindness and understanding. I now feel stronger and more capable, and I have a more positive outlook on life. I truly feel this would not have been possible without Michelle. She has shown me that we all deal with things using the tools available from early life, but that we can continue to update and develop those tools.

| would recommend Michelle to anyone who is struggling or going through a difficult time, whatever the reason. You will almost certainly feel empowered by talking to someone.”

January 2020

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